Thursday, August 13, 2009


hi all
can you tell i am excited well huh can ya? i am just beside myself about keepit this year. i think it is because i have been doing so much for the kids etc that this is going to be my only chance for some me time. omg it is going to be unreal. i cant wait to see cherie again and catch up not to mention meeting miss marcy for the first time. we have been chatting on the phone heaps and she cracks me up so this is going to be great. we also have the very talented ngaire and jill coming to teach. i am so nervous about meeting these two scrapbooking goddesses. i think i will just have to get on my knees and do the "I AM NOT WORTHY"routine lol. maybe not as i might end up with an avo by the time camp is over lol. i just hope they are prepared for the marnieator pmsl. oh one last thing i have to say before i go. KELLY YOU SUCK PMSL.

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