Sunday, August 16, 2009

OMG OMG OMG LOOK AT WHAT I JUST WON. i have come back from cub scout leadership course and found this on my pc. isnt it so exciting. if i could get my sore muscles to work i would even attempt a cartwheel lol. THANKYOU bec this is truly a very generous thing you have done and i appreciate it totally. also gals there is a great fathers day challenge over at bizzy becs for the month so go over an have a look. omg my face is hurting from smiling. lol.


Bronnie T said...

You clever girl. Well deserved.I'm bringind some wine and Coke. See you at three on the dot, Friday


you what can I play with at keepit!!LOL CONGRAT's I HAVE TOTAL FAITH IN YOUR TALENTS!

kchambo said...

Good onya Marn, have fun playing with it know where. *sob*