Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally something arty to show

hi all
i have been a busy little beaver. maybe i need to send ray away more. lol. i have completed 4 atcs and i am proud to say i have tried a new technique/product on each one. i can only show 3 at the mo as my 4th hasnt dried yet. these are flying along. i think i only have 11 more to make lol and that is just for the ones i am hosting.

this one is for loulou who had the theme of favourite quote. i changed it a bit as it is meant to say "save water drink more wine" but i only had a cocktail glass stamp lol. i think it looks classy which is something i wasnt with a gut full of bourbon at keepit pmsl. i actually cut my woman in half to make her fit as i thought she was gorgeous. you cant see it but she is actually up on pop dots to stand out a bit more. i added twinkling h2o's to make her shine a bit.

this one is for sarah who picked the theme of beach or holiday. all i kept thinking of was sebastian on the little mermaid lol. so under do sea had to be on it somewhere. i love the little fishes. marcy gave me these as part of my gift at keepit. i used some smooch ink on the mermaids hair and once it was dry i used dimentional magic on it to make nice swirls and add dimension (hence the name dimentional magic derrrrrr).

nic i beleive picked the theme of story book. gee i was really worried i wouldnt be able to find anything to put on an atc and whilst floating around in blog land i came across this picture of little red riding hood. i loved it straight away and tah dah. i have popped dimentional magic on her robe and also on different bits and peices of the image to give a bit of depth.

while i think about it too if you havent had a chance pop on over to marcys blog a passion84papercraft. she has some really great photos from keepit over there and some really nice comments about friends of mine. not to mention too a great pic of my daughter lol. i will have to bludge a copy of it from her lol.
don't forget to leave a comment too. i love reading what you all think and have to say about the price of tea in china.
love ya's



OMFG!!! ooops sxusee...these atcs are I can find words I LOVE them when can I have a lesson from you gal! OMG I am amazed and so very impressed. THES ARE SPECTACULAR!!!

Bronnie T said...

You crafty woman. Always extending yourself. This is what makes a great artist. Got a couple of photos off Marcey's Blog. Don't bother about Ray. Gary and I were arguing within ten minutes of my getting home from SWE. Men have trouble keeping their dicks clean let alone a house. Stay cool Chick

kchambo said...

Bronnie!!! OMG!!!
Great ATC Marn. I informed Marcy that after seeing hers and having some explaining done to me I finally get it! I'm sure she was thrilled for me!!! LOL PMSL!
Great use of technique and thinking outside the box.