Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a couple more

hi all

are you sick of me yet pmsl. these two cards are once again sketches from verve stamps. i am really happy with the way they turned out. the little penguin girl is so sweet. the pp on her card is from the inque boutique card. for the special thoughts card i have no idea of the pp and the stamps are a mixture from all over the place lol. arent i great with details pmsl. dont forget to leave a comment either. i love hearing your thoughts.

i hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the flu and other bugs that are travelling around at the mo. grace is back at school and ashley is on the mends too which is great.

i am heading off to cub leadership camp this weekend. should be a really great learning experience for me and i have never been to one before. i am still really enjoying my time in scouts and having a ball with the kids. they are a great bunch of kids. i am still getting use to organising the nights and getting them running smoothly. i seem to get pulled in all sorts of directions during the night and feel like sometimes i acheive nothing. anyway i am sure it is something i will learn with time and i have one of the best teams ever helping me in every way possible.



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kchambo said...

Great cards baby. YOu look as as though you are all inspired as you head into Keepit. It's my mission this week and next to send messages of hate to all those going. SO you get to be first, as you were responsible for the pilot and did't come through, or come across as the case may be. Hope you have a great time, but I hate you and you so suck!!!!