Saturday, August 8, 2009

blog candy link is fixed

hi all
i have just fixed up the link to lovely lindas blog so go on over and try to win some really cool angel wing stamps. oh and check out this womans stuff it is just devine.

we have been busy around here. i am really enjoying scouts still and the kids are doing so well that it amazes me. we have a camp next weekend that anthony has to go to. he is becoming a sixer of the grey pack and is really excited. the camp will help him gain some conifidence with being in charge. (well as in charge as a 9.5yr can be lol). i am heading out too so that all the leaders can get together and have a chat and swap ideas not to mention sort out plans etc for the cub pack holiday at inverell in nov.
grace has a camp in 3 weeks time but just 2 weeks away is LAKE KEEPIT i am so excited. i have a friend from wagga coming and a friend from maitland. i cant wait to meet marcy from wagga as we chat all the time on the phone and net and she is just crazy. i am a bit sad though that my dear friend kel isnt going to be there this year. kel we will all sit there and have a big cheers for you


kchambo said...

Marn.............YOU SO SUCK!!
Love and tongue-kisses.
K xx

MARNIE said...

all the love back at ya but you can keep the tongue kisses pmsl. it will not be the same without you. i promise to tell everyone they suck lol. got to find myself a pilot for you darls.