Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 more atcs

hi all
yep i have two more to show you all. how does that saying go "the mice play when the cat is away" lol. well play i did.

This one is helen's, just like sarah, helen chose a beach/holiday theme. i came across this cute pic of two little friends pushing an egg shell boat out into the waves. arent they adorable. i have spritzed the image with gold mist and then popped a transparancy over the top and held it down with brads. i love the finished product. this is sharons atc as as you can guess sharon picked flowers. i tried the crayon resist technique for the first time. i will definately be trying it again as i just love how this turned out.

thanks for all the comments too. keep them coming they are great for my ego pmsl.

love ya's


Elizabeth said...

Wowo Marnie! They are looking awesome! Well done.

TribeRingers said...

Fabulous ATCs Marnie!