Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 days to go

hi all
only 2 days now until the big retreat. i am getting so excited. i must admit though i am feeling slightly overwhelmed as i need to clean this house and also pack all of my gear. i cant see me getting everything done that i want to do but hey i can give it a good crack.
i have chatted to sherie and marcy on the phone and i so cant wait for all of us three to be together. we have organised drinks and nibblies and all that jazz. i cant see much scrapping getting done but i bet there will be a hell of a lot of laughing.
i am really looking forward to ngaire and jill's classes this weekend too. i just hope i dont make a fool out of myself in front of them. they are so talented and i am a bit nervous.
kelly i am still working on the pilot darls but things are not looking good lol. we will all be thinking of you darls and pauline has told me to act up so that she feels that you are present lol. she is a dag.
love yas


kchambo said...

Have a wonderful time and heaps of laughs. I know I am irreplacable, but Hon, DO YA BEST!!! Go hard or go home I say!!! PMSL
I am doing a cyber crop, so I won't feel all that left out (not much), but it will help me to feel better.
Drive safely ( even if it rains and you have to be a pussy and follow someone else out )
much love to all,

Bronnie T said...

Don't you dare feel nervous and you will not make a fool out of yourself. You'll do fine. You are very accomplished woman. Remember that. What are you taking to camp? I thought I might make a cake. Any preferences?