Sunday, August 30, 2009


hi all
well i am certainly grinning from ear to ear. i have just won a game over at THERE SHE GOES. not sure of prizes or anything but hey who cares. i had fun and i actually managed to answer things correctly pmsl.
anyhow i have 2 more atcs to share with you. are you sick of me yet pmsl. i spose if you dont want to look then DONT pmsl.
joy picked the theme of bathing beauties and i just had to have this gorgeous gal. i love the boots. i have put di magic on the black of her dress and hair and on her boots to make them stand out a bit more.
i think this one is one of robyn's picks. the theme was black and white and i found this lady just begging to be used. i have cheated though and added some kindy glitz to the black on her hat. in the right light is shines beautifully. then to give some depth i added di magic to the white sections of the hat. it feels really cool. lol.
love ya's

oh so slow

hi all
well it is a slow start here today. i have woken up with really sore hips and back. that fall the other day didnt help but gee i am feeling every bit of my 34 years pmsl.

if you have a chance hop on over to this site i just found. it is called there she goes and they have the cutest little stamps. i just love looking at the sets. they are reasonably priced too. i just need to find someone who has a credit card to buy them for me lol.

well i am off to go and chase the kids and clean the house.
love ya's

Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 more atcs

hi all
yep i have two more to show you all. how does that saying go "the mice play when the cat is away" lol. well play i did.

This one is helen's, just like sarah, helen chose a beach/holiday theme. i came across this cute pic of two little friends pushing an egg shell boat out into the waves. arent they adorable. i have spritzed the image with gold mist and then popped a transparancy over the top and held it down with brads. i love the finished product. this is sharons atc as as you can guess sharon picked flowers. i tried the crayon resist technique for the first time. i will definately be trying it again as i just love how this turned out.

thanks for all the comments too. keep them coming they are great for my ego pmsl.

love ya's

Finally something arty to show

hi all
i have been a busy little beaver. maybe i need to send ray away more. lol. i have completed 4 atcs and i am proud to say i have tried a new technique/product on each one. i can only show 3 at the mo as my 4th hasnt dried yet. these are flying along. i think i only have 11 more to make lol and that is just for the ones i am hosting.

this one is for loulou who had the theme of favourite quote. i changed it a bit as it is meant to say "save water drink more wine" but i only had a cocktail glass stamp lol. i think it looks classy which is something i wasnt with a gut full of bourbon at keepit pmsl. i actually cut my woman in half to make her fit as i thought she was gorgeous. you cant see it but she is actually up on pop dots to stand out a bit more. i added twinkling h2o's to make her shine a bit.

this one is for sarah who picked the theme of beach or holiday. all i kept thinking of was sebastian on the little mermaid lol. so under do sea had to be on it somewhere. i love the little fishes. marcy gave me these as part of my gift at keepit. i used some smooch ink on the mermaids hair and once it was dry i used dimentional magic on it to make nice swirls and add dimension (hence the name dimentional magic derrrrrr).

nic i beleive picked the theme of story book. gee i was really worried i wouldnt be able to find anything to put on an atc and whilst floating around in blog land i came across this picture of little red riding hood. i loved it straight away and tah dah. i have popped dimentional magic on her robe and also on different bits and peices of the image to give a bit of depth.

while i think about it too if you havent had a chance pop on over to marcys blog a passion84papercraft. she has some really great photos from keepit over there and some really nice comments about friends of mine. not to mention too a great pic of my daughter lol. i will have to bludge a copy of it from her lol.
don't forget to leave a comment too. i love reading what you all think and have to say about the price of tea in china.
love ya's

what have i done

hi all
well i have 2 what have i done moments to talk about today. it must be my day for inflicting pain onto myself lol.
what have i done moment 1 - i sent ray off this morning to go on a 6 hours 8km walk with 20 cub scouts. not so bad you reckon? well take into account that today it is cold windy and raining and you might be able to see my dilema lol. ray is not going to be a happy little camper/walker when he gets home. i am trying to clean the house and get things organised so when he gets home he can have a hot shower and a quiet sit down lol.
what have i done moment 2 - i have put my name down to do some atc swaps. not a big deal i hear you say? well not really a big deal but i didnt just do one atc swap or just two i did 4 yes you heard me right i put my name down for 4 atc swaps. each one of them requires 5/6 atcs be made. omg i am nuts. why do i do this to myself? i am pleading temporary insanity. i know i will enjoy making them so really i shouldnt complain should i. i really need to learn to say no and just to stop and think before i say ok no probs lol. well i am off as i dont have time to sit and type i have house work and atcs to do. look after yourselves and learn by my mistakes pmsl.

luv ya's

Thursday, August 27, 2009


hi all
well it isnt true, having a big bum does not mean that when you fall it hurts less pmsl. i have just come home from town and as i rushed in the back door to put the groceries down i tripped on the stupid lino tiles that ray will not rip up and went flying along my kitchen into my bench and onto the floor. i am hurting everywhere lol. poor thomas got a bit of a shock as mummy said some pretty bad words while flying through the air. anyway on the bright side i can get out of doing the house work lol. i think i might go and take some neurofen and go and lay down in a minute with thomas. ouchy.

luv ya's

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


hi all

well i have just stepped in from a great night out with some friends. i wasnt able to stay long as ray is on call but it was nice to go and have some adult conversation. kel is leaving for townsville on fri so this was our last chance to catch up and have dinner. it was lovely. the ladies and i had a great laugh and just a general chat. it is nice to have such great friends to chill out with. i feel very blessed. here is a pic to show you the ratbags.

luv ya's

Realise this!

hi all
well over the course of the last few days and especially in the last few minute i have come to some realisations about life -
  • no matter how hard you try sometimes you just cant please some people.
  • it is ok to speak your mind
  • that the retreat is classed a really great one if 3 days after the event you are still extremely tired lol
  • friends will sometimes let you down. it doesnt mean they dont love you and they arent your friend but more that they are human too.
  • you dont have to put on a show to get someone to like you. if they are worthy of your friendship they will like you regardless.
  • no matter how much i yell the kids will still ignore me so i am better off saving that energy
  • things never go back into your scrap room the way you took them out
  • i really cant go a day without coffee
  • life is short scrap hard or go home

well that is it for me. i have said my peice and i am off to get the kids to school. will chat later

luv ya

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


hi all

well i normall dont have a big whinge on here but today i just have to vent or my head is going to explode and unlike one of the aliens on MIB mine wont grow back.

WTF is wrong with men, well my man. i could just boot his butt so hard at the moment his nose would bleed. yes i have been away from the house for a weekend but hey i think i deserve that time away. from the time i have set foot in this house i have copped crap about how much he had to clean this house up to get it in order. what a load of shit. i had this house clean before i left and though it wasnt perfect it sure as hell wasnt bad. i have been told that i need to learn to pick up an cleaning impliment and actually use it. my god this man does not know when to shut his mouth. every chance he gets he is telling me how bad the house is. maybe if he picked his shit up it wouldnt be so bloody cluttered and i would have some room to put things. oh and how about putting your clothes away that are sitting on top of your drawers instead of piling them up and letting them fall on the floor where they just get picked up and i wash them again. oh and what about picking your dirty clothes up and taking them to the laundry. oh F(&* it. one more comment though and guys watch the skies as there will be fireworks. you thought there were lots at closing ceremony of the olympics well if i get started i guarentee a better show lol. anyway i have vented and i am off and you guess it i have house work to do.
luv ya's

Sunday, August 23, 2009

what a great weekend

hi all
my weekend just flew by so quickly that my head is spinning. i dont know where to start telling you all about it. well i spose i can start with the great surprise that kelly turned up and surprised us all. it was lovely to see her. she so sucks though as she looks unreal. alison and i are both moving to townsville lol.

next was the arrival of sherie and marcy. sherie is the salt of the earth. just such a calming soul. she is also a bad influence and i had way too much fun and alcohol while in her pressence pmsl. marcy is just well an inspiration. her art is unreal and my head hurts just trying to comprehend how she comes up with ideas.

deb godley ran the best retreat. it was just an absolutely enjoyable weekend. there were goodies galore for prizes and i actually won a lucky door prize woo hoo. deb also is a gem and made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

Ngaire and Jill were legends to say the least. these two women had me in stitches from the first 5 secs i met them. the classes they ran were just jammed packed with ideas and techniques and to top it off they both had gone to so much trouble to make sure we all got extra products in our packs. nothing was too much trouble for them. they went out of their way to explain things and help. i am truly inspired by them both. i have some pics to show too. just dont look at the fifty chins i seem to have developed pmsl.

i spent more time chatting on the weekend then scrapping but all up it was a blast and i cant wait for the next years.

Friday, August 21, 2009

oh happy day

oh happy day
oh happy day
oh happy day
when jesus washed
when jesus washed
he washed my cares away
oh happy day

it is here
is is finally here. woo hoo lake keepit here i come. in a few short hours i shall be having a cuppa and laughing with the wonder and talent marcy and sherie and then a few more hours after that i will be at lake keepit rubbing shoulders with ngaire and jill. omg could this weekend get any better. well yes it could because kel could be coming too.

love ya

Thursday, August 20, 2009

all happy here again

hi all
have i told you lately how much i love my hubby? no! well i do. especially when the clever little man gives up his lunch break to repair my starter motor at work. woo hooo i am on the road again. i have packed my clothes and sleeping bag, all my scrap supplies and i am raring to go. a big thankyou to the lovely bronnie who offered me a lift out to keepit. you are gorgeous and so sweet. thankyou lovely lady.

do you want the bad news or the good?

hi all
well the good news is that my prize just arrived from bizzy becs and omg it is even better then i thought. thankyou so much again guys for that.

the bad news is my car decided to shit it self well and truly and i had to ring ray at work to take the kids to school. he is going to try and fix it this arvo as i really need it to get the grog and to go to the retreat tomorrow. somethings really do try us dont they lol. i am just now praying that ray can fix it in time.

more good news though is that i have packed my scrap stuff to go. i just need to pull my finger out and organise my clothes and toiletries.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 days to go

hi all
only 2 days now until the big retreat. i am getting so excited. i must admit though i am feeling slightly overwhelmed as i need to clean this house and also pack all of my gear. i cant see me getting everything done that i want to do but hey i can give it a good crack.
i have chatted to sherie and marcy on the phone and i so cant wait for all of us three to be together. we have organised drinks and nibblies and all that jazz. i cant see much scrapping getting done but i bet there will be a hell of a lot of laughing.
i am really looking forward to ngaire and jill's classes this weekend too. i just hope i dont make a fool out of myself in front of them. they are so talented and i am a bit nervous.
kelly i am still working on the pilot darls but things are not looking good lol. we will all be thinking of you darls and pauline has told me to act up so that she feels that you are present lol. she is a dag.
love yas

Sunday, August 16, 2009

OMG OMG OMG LOOK AT WHAT I JUST WON. i have come back from cub scout leadership course and found this on my pc. isnt it so exciting. if i could get my sore muscles to work i would even attempt a cartwheel lol. THANKYOU bec this is truly a very generous thing you have done and i appreciate it totally. also gals there is a great fathers day challenge over at bizzy becs for the month so go over an have a look. omg my face is hurting from smiling. lol.

Friday, August 14, 2009

7 sleeps to go

7 sleeps yes thats right only 7 to go. gee i need to start getting organised. i might clean the house today and clean up some of my totes etc so things are sort of getting organised to get out to camp lol.
i am off now to pack for this weekend with scouts. i am tired already lol. anyway time waits for no man and definately not for this woman. have a great day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


hi all
can you tell i am excited well huh can ya? i am just beside myself about keepit this year. i think it is because i have been doing so much for the kids etc that this is going to be my only chance for some me time. omg it is going to be unreal. i cant wait to see cherie again and catch up not to mention meeting miss marcy for the first time. we have been chatting on the phone heaps and she cracks me up so this is going to be great. we also have the very talented ngaire and jill coming to teach. i am so nervous about meeting these two scrapbooking goddesses. i think i will just have to get on my knees and do the "I AM NOT WORTHY"routine lol. maybe not as i might end up with an avo by the time camp is over lol. i just hope they are prepared for the marnieator pmsl. oh one last thing i have to say before i go. KELLY YOU SUCK PMSL.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lucky number 5 woohoo

hi all

i have just finished number five of the verve challenges and woo hoo i feel so proud of me lol. the pp is once again from the inque boutique cabana range and the stamps are from wordsworth "i'm so glad" pack. i love these stamps.

so inspired

hi all

well i have had the best chat on the phone to marcy (scrappychick). god she cracks me up. only a few more sleeps and i actually get to meet her in real life which will be fantastic. anyway after i got off the phone i had a sudden hit of inspiration. anyway another card is ready to go. it is the second last one to do for the verve challenge.

a couple more

hi all

are you sick of me yet pmsl. these two cards are once again sketches from verve stamps. i am really happy with the way they turned out. the little penguin girl is so sweet. the pp on her card is from the inque boutique card. for the special thoughts card i have no idea of the pp and the stamps are a mixture from all over the place lol. arent i great with details pmsl. dont forget to leave a comment either. i love hearing your thoughts.

i hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the flu and other bugs that are travelling around at the mo. grace is back at school and ashley is on the mends too which is great.

i am heading off to cub leadership camp this weekend. should be a really great learning experience for me and i have never been to one before. i am still really enjoying my time in scouts and having a ball with the kids. they are a great bunch of kids. i am still getting use to organising the nights and getting them running smoothly. i seem to get pulled in all sorts of directions during the night and feel like sometimes i acheive nothing. anyway i am sure it is something i will learn with time and i have one of the best teams ever helping me in every way possible.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yet another card but with a twist

hi all

yes i have made yet another card however this one is from a sketch challenge at verve stamps. i love verve stamps, they are so pretty and i just cant wait to get my hands on some. anyway i havent got any yet (will have to borrow bronnies at keepit)lol so i used my little penguin friend. i think he is so cute. the pp is from inque boutique cabana range. i think it is quite funky. anyway enough dribble.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


hi all
ok i have taken a pic of my cards to show you. i dont have the time or the energy to take pics of them one at a time. i would be there forever lol. ok some of these are from different companies and i have tried to remember where from. i will give credit to any sketches etc that i have used or any product i have used where i can.

bee images i am unsure off. the little mice though i beleive are penny black. i got these images from a swap i was in. at allcraftz. pp are unknown.
bees are from an unknown source. i love them though and if anyone knows where they are from please let me know as i would love some. lol
these cards are made using a flower stamp from crafty kitty tween scene. i love making my own backgrounds where i can. i think they look great. anyway the matted flowers are from coles of all places and are called page toppers. i think they look great.
once again i have used page toppers from coles and then some spare pp and the rub ons are from kaisercraft.

stickers were from spotlight. i am unsure of the name of the company that makes them. i thought they were really cute and they are so easy to turn into cards.

i just love these stamping up images. they are truly just fantastic for aussie chrissy cards. i just used scrap pp and matted the images. penny black images. water coloured and matted. i used a flower stamp from scrappy cat,tween scene.

images are from penny black. i love the little rabbit in the bath. they were mounted and put on pp scraps.

stamped images were from a swap i did at allcraftz. i beleive they could be from penny black. arent they just so cute? i water coloured them in and matted them then used scrap pp.

these ones are just stickers that i bought at spotlight. i matted them a few times and used foam squares to give them dimention. pp are scraps i had laying around.

i can take no credit for these ones. these are made from a kit i bought from Hot of the press. arent they gorgeous. all you have to do is cut out and stick down. they come with instructions but i played around a bit with them.

i had these cute stamped images sent to me in a swap at allcraftz. they could easily be penny black stamps. i water coloured them in and then just matted them a few times and once again used scrap pp. the rub on words are from kaisercraft.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

omg more candy

I WANT CANDY lol. i have just stumbled across a new challenge blog and thought i would share as they have some great blog candy up for grabs as well. There is a monthly challenge and it looks like you can convert the challenge to whatever you want so it doesnt have to be cards but can be pages or even an otp. now that is my kinda challenge. and the fact that you have a month to do it in sounds even better. just in case the banner below doesnt take you to the right place click on the blinkie on the sidebar.

blog candy link is fixed

hi all
i have just fixed up the link to lovely lindas blog so go on over and try to win some really cool angel wing stamps. oh and check out this womans stuff it is just devine.

we have been busy around here. i am really enjoying scouts still and the kids are doing so well that it amazes me. we have a camp next weekend that anthony has to go to. he is becoming a sixer of the grey pack and is really excited. the camp will help him gain some conifidence with being in charge. (well as in charge as a 9.5yr can be lol). i am heading out too so that all the leaders can get together and have a chat and swap ideas not to mention sort out plans etc for the cub pack holiday at inverell in nov.
grace has a camp in 3 weeks time but just 2 weeks away is LAKE KEEPIT i am so excited. i have a friend from wagga coming and a friend from maitland. i cant wait to meet marcy from wagga as we chat all the time on the phone and net and she is just crazy. i am a bit sad though that my dear friend kel isnt going to be there this year. kel we will all sit there and have a big cheers for you

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

more blog candy

hi all
yes this is right there is more candy just visit this ladies blog and enter.


ok i have pulled my finger out

hi all
before anyone starts i want to say BLAME DEL IT IS ALL HER FAULT. yes that is right del introduced me to face book and i have become very addicted lol. i keep forgeting to pop in here and say gday. but my kind friend kel has told me to pull my finger out and up date so here i am updateing. are you happy now kel lol.
well this is a quick visit but i wanted to tell you about a giveaway on another blog. it is for some great blog candy so go and have a look at this womans beautiful work and maybe get a prize for doing so.