Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jamboree 2010

hi all
yep it has been a long time between posts. life seems to keep getting in the way lol. i hope everyone is well and not suffering too much in these cooler months. the boys have been constantly getting colds and flus and sore throats. i have had a couple of bouts of it but i think i am over the worse of it now (touch wood).

scouts has kept me extremely busy just at present but the holidays are drawing near so a break is not too far away. i absolutely love my time at scouts and each week we have a ball running around and playing and learning new things. yes we do learn stuff too lol.

grace is going to jamboree next year and needs to organise a fundraiser to help pay the costs associated. so as part of her fundraising she wants to sell handmade gifts and cards at the local market so here is the big question

CAN ANY OF YOU PLEASE SPARE A FEW HANDMADE CARDS OR GOODIES????? if you can leave a comment with your email in it i can get in touch with you to discuss postage etc. every little bit helps.

anyway my free time today is over and i hope to catch up and chat later. cya

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TribeRingers said...

Hi Marnie, just let me know what kind of cards you need and I can knock some up and send them off to you. :)

Have a great weekend!