Friday, July 10, 2009


hi all
first off i would love to say a really big hi to marcy and kellie who rang lately long distance to chat and see if i was still alive lol. you two ladies are just so caring and i am blessed to have you as friends.

ok enough of the brown nosing and crap lol. life once again has been very busy. at this exact moment grace is running around the house trying to get her jobs done and pack her bags to go caving over the weekend. god help her. it is going to be so cold camping i dont pity her at all lol. she will have a ball but i think i will have to thaw her out when she gets back lol. she has grown so much in maturity since joining scouts and it has been a pleasure to watch. dont think it is all smooth sailing we still have the ocassional hiccup (such as cleaning her room and really not cleanning her room but hiding everything in the wardrobe) not a great day that one lol.

we had a bit of a scare with anthony yesterday. the poor bugger the day before had the day of school. anyway he managed to fall over and hit his head on some bricks and came up in a huge lump etc. i put ice on it and watched him carefully and he seemed fine. so yesterday he woke up and said he was great so i sent him off to school. the poor little bugger past out just after lunch and he said his eyes were playing up all day. the school tried to ring me but i left my mobile at home and spent the day in town running errands. it wasnt until i picked him up that i found out so off to outpatients i go. i was sure it had something to do with the lump on his head but they just put it down to a viral infection. i reckon when they have no freaking idea what is happening they just call it a viral infection. anyways i have kept him home now and will monitor him pretty closely.

today i am off to drop grace off at scouts, then i have a heap of photocopying to do and then i need to drop some papers off then i am home and home is where i will stay. i need to clean this place it is shocking at the mo. anyway now i have vented and spilt my guts i am off.

oh and thanks to everyone who has offered to make cards for grace i really really appreciate it. she is not fussy and any sort of cards will do. thankyou ladies you all rock.



TribeRingers said...

Hope the kids are back to 100% soon Marnie.

Have got some blank cards over the w'end - normal, long and square. Hoping the mojo will be activated very soon as I'm keen to help.

Have a great week!

kchambo said...

ok, have updated my blog. YOUR turn now. Get on with it woman. How can I keep up with you otherwise??
K xx