Friday, June 5, 2009

its here its here

hi all
well it is finally the allcraftz national scrapbooking day has arrived and my god the specials in the shop are second to none. if anyone has the chance to pop over and have a look they will not be dissappointed. oh and my class is up for sale so that is just another reason to get over and have a looksy.

i have been so flat out lately that i havent scrapped for myself really in weeks. i know for those that know me it might be a big shock but truly by the time i get through the day with kids and house and scouts etc i am buggered and just have to go to bed. i am sure there are alot of other mothers out there who feel exactly the same.

i hope in the near future to be able to scrap again and be able to get in here and keep this more up to date and chat to you all. gee i have missed it.

oh and big news too i managed to give up smoking. i have gone nearly 3 weeks now with out a single fag. it is really hard sometimes but i am getting there. i will get better as time goes on. i feel great though.



Danielle said...

Well done about the no ciggies Marn. Well done

TribeRingers said...

Your BG class if fantastic Marnie.

And congratulations on giving up smoking. 3 weeks, good work.