Friday, June 19, 2009

how lovely an award

hi all

i know it has been a while since my last post but hey that is life right!

i have finally just seen this beautiful award that megan has given me.

megan you are a very generous and loving person and i am honoured to call you friend. gee now i have to pick people to send it on to.................

ok first off i pick del - you make me laugh and have taught me the valuable lesson of not sweating the small stuff. i love your sence of humour and even your potty mouth (personal joke )
second we have angie - even when i know life cant be easy angie you never stop smiling and laughing and bringing joy to everyone around you. you are an amazing lady and i hope to be like you when i grow up.
thirdly is marcy - your calls are a godsend somedays. even when my throat has been so sore i couldnt talk you still managed to chat and make me giggle. i really cherish our talks and cant wait for the reatreat in august just 9 weeks away woo hoo
fourth is ebony - i thankyou ebony for giving me the chance to teach my first class. it really is nice to be given a chance and beleived in so thankyou ebony.
now fifth is robyn (mrsd) - you are one of the most generous people around. it blows me away how selfless you are. i treasure our friendship.
well i think i have dribbled enough. i am off to the drs to see if i can fix this throat up and finally talk normally again. mwah to you all.


Danielle said...

ok so you cant alk... but whats wrog with your friggin' fingers?? Cant type to chat ?? LOL
Hope you feel better MWAH

kchambo said...

great to see you back Marn. I have missed you. Hope you are better.


Oh you're a sweet pea! thankyou! LOL