Thursday, April 23, 2009

wickedly fun

hi all
i have managed to do the first challenge at wicked princess and thought i would give you all a looksy. there were a few conditions to the layout
1. it had to be monochromatic (purple)
2. title had to have "its all about me" in it
3. there had to be bling/glitter on it.
i really had to scrape the barrell and find a pic of me that showed that diva side to me. anyway i am really happy with what i came up with. there was also the option of doing a card with the words celebrate you on it and monochromatic purple too. so i decided to try it out aswell.

i also got the chance yesterday to do some atcs. the first lot are for the april swap at allcraftz and the second lot is for a circle atc swap that ruby (from allcraftz) organised. i think it is a great idea and cant wait to see how mine come back to me. anyway i better shut up and show ya's.

i dont know if you can read the writing around the womans head but it says "if friends were noses i'ld pick you". i love it.


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