Sunday, April 12, 2009


hi all

it is a very sad day here this easter sunday. Anthonys little puppy just passed away after being hit by a car on the highway. The poor little thing didnt have a chance against a 4wd. Grace tried her hardest to stop him but buddy being the little devil he was, just wouldnt stop and through no fault of the 4wd driver got hit. I do however have 1 complaint about the 4wd driver. it seems ok to get there and stop and check your car but gee what about seeing if the 11 year old who watched it all is ok too. i know he couldnt have stopped or swerve but gee is it really that hard to say are you ok love. grace hasnt stopped crying and shaking and all that bloke could do was check his car was ok. anyway enough of that i just thought i would share a pic of our little mate. thank god anthony is away at the mo too as he is going to be devastated as buddy was his dog.

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