Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hi all
it is 5;30 here and yes i am awake yet in a state of shock lol. thomas has woken up with tummy pains and thinks he wants to be sick so good old mum is up with him while he lays on the lounge and rests. i wish i knew what was causing all this sickness in our house. i wash stuff constantly i clean bathrooms etc all the time and try really hard to keep things clean. i also am big on the wash hands before you eat etc with the boys but still they keep getting ill. well i am going to go and lay in the recliner and try to nap a bit (yeah right). will catch you all at a reasonable hour.
oh and while i think of it why dont you check out this blog it is great and all girlie. i only have grace and my neice sarah to really do pretty girl layouts so it is nice to have somewhere to show them off. i have a layout there right now for their march challenge. it is of miss sarah at chrissy. she is such a cute kid. so go on what you waiting for have a look and leave a comment pmsl.


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TribeRingers said...

Thinking of you all Marnie, as I said in the forum, I know Buddy was happy to have spent some time with such a great, loving family and that he is waiting for you all one day over the Rainbow Bridge.
Happy Easter to you all, thinking of you too.