Monday, April 20, 2009

camping with the scouts

hi all
well i have survived my first camp with the scouts. it was at the lovely old upper manilla primary school. the veterans had done up the old school and now let the scouts camp out there. it is so peaceful and pretty. you could almost hear the ghosts of the past in the old school building doing their sums or spelling. just up the road was a creek where we took the kids to do some crawbobbing or yabbying. they had a ball. this was the first time we took all four kids with us. the older two took off with the scouts and did different activities. the younger two just hung around with us and also joined in with some scout activities. ashley and thomas really loved grug (john thompson). he taught ashley a knot or two and was just so patient with them all. we will definately be going again on a camp with the guys. i have some pics that i will pop up later.

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