Wednesday, April 8, 2009


hi all
i have some big news here to share.... I AM OFFICIALLY 34 TODAY. i am so grateful for 34 wonderful years and totally look forward to another 34.

secondly I AM OFFICIALLY A SCOUT. i got invested last night. it was such a wonderful night. i was sworn in by bear (brett grimmond). this man is a true gentleman and just a honest to goodness lovely man. then i got presented with my badges by the leaders of my group (nathan, bruce, chris) and to top it off i got my scarf of grug (john thompson). i owe this man so much. he has encouraged and helped me so much through the training and just everything. i nearly cried when he placed the scarf around my neck and did up the woggle. THANKYOU john, brett, blinky (neil), bruce, chris, nathan, ron. this moment will not be forgotten.

ok thirdly I AM A GUEST TEACHER at allcraftz for the upcoming national scrapbooking day. thankyou ebony what a wonderful birthday present being asked to join such a talented and wonderful team. so everyone keep an eye out for updates that will be coming over the next few months. i might even give you a sneak peek closer to the date of my project which i might add is very yummo and would make a fantastic, groovy and heart felt pressie for that special friend.

to all of those who have wished me a happy birthday i say a big thanks and send many cyber hugs and kisses your way.

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avie said...

Happy Birthday Marnie, I'm chasing you from forum to blog! Hope your day was super fantastic!