Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so excited

hi all.

omg the kit for my class is on its way and i am so excited. i cant wait to get it and have a big play and get organised. now the national scrapbook day is on the june long weekend. that means you get a whole weekend of scrapping and game playing. it will be a hoot ladies so if you are interested hop in to the forum and sign up. the ladies there are fantastic and i am there so that makes it all worth while pmsl. there are so many prizes up for grabs so what are you waiting for. hope to see you all there.

Monday, April 27, 2009

getting wicked with envy

hi all

i just finished the second wicked sin at wicked princesses. gee this one was tough. you had to doodle, just use black and green and also a transparency. talk about wrack the old grey cells to find what i could do the layout about. but when i sat down and thought about it the subject came to me pretty quickly. if you get the chance pop over and have a look at all the great layouts they rock. well here is a look at mine.

Friday, April 24, 2009

card quickie

hi all

well grace had a birthday party to go to today and i was sure i had a stash of bday cards ready to go but the cupboard was bare pmsl. thank god i keep all my scraps and bits and peices plus my new slice machine as in 5 min i had come up with this little ripper. i really love it for a simple quick solution i hope you do to. oh and grace had a ripper time at the party.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


hi all

i thought i would give you a bit of a peak at the class i will be running at the allcraftz national scrapbooking day in june. it is going to be such a great weekend with games, spot prizes, challenges and classes. all this plus ebony has kids kits you can buy ( at an amazing price) to keep the little ones busy while you scrap. anyway back to my class lol. i can only give a sneak peak at the mo as i dont want to give too much away.

now dont forget everyone that not only is there my class but there are some other great ones on offer. the very talented ruby bisson is doing a class on different techniques with paint (i will definately be doing this class i need all the help i can get lol) , Hannah Butcher is doing a card class (which will be stunning if i know hannah) and the beautiful Marcy Smith will be doing an atc class showing different mediums and ways to use them (once again i will definately be doing this one seeing i am atc mad). the prices for these classes will be finalized soon so keep an eye out at the forum for updates and just great specials at the lowest possible prices. i am not kidding here people this woman sells things at such ridiculously low prices it is scarey.

wickedly fun

hi all
i have managed to do the first challenge at wicked princess and thought i would give you all a looksy. there were a few conditions to the layout
1. it had to be monochromatic (purple)
2. title had to have "its all about me" in it
3. there had to be bling/glitter on it.
i really had to scrape the barrell and find a pic of me that showed that diva side to me. anyway i am really happy with what i came up with. there was also the option of doing a card with the words celebrate you on it and monochromatic purple too. so i decided to try it out aswell.

i also got the chance yesterday to do some atcs. the first lot are for the april swap at allcraftz and the second lot is for a circle atc swap that ruby (from allcraftz) organised. i think it is a great idea and cant wait to see how mine come back to me. anyway i better shut up and show ya's.

i dont know if you can read the writing around the womans head but it says "if friends were noses i'ld pick you". i love it.


Monday, April 20, 2009

camping with the scouts

hi all
well i have survived my first camp with the scouts. it was at the lovely old upper manilla primary school. the veterans had done up the old school and now let the scouts camp out there. it is so peaceful and pretty. you could almost hear the ghosts of the past in the old school building doing their sums or spelling. just up the road was a creek where we took the kids to do some crawbobbing or yabbying. they had a ball. this was the first time we took all four kids with us. the older two took off with the scouts and did different activities. the younger two just hung around with us and also joined in with some scout activities. ashley and thomas really loved grug (john thompson). he taught ashley a knot or two and was just so patient with them all. we will definately be going again on a camp with the guys. i have some pics that i will pop up later.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

update time

hi all
i have been so slack lately with showing my work so now i am going to over dose you all with it pmsl. i hope you enjoy it all

alrighty these two were for challenges at inkurable stampers. the first was a card sketch and the second was a twinchie (sp).

the first of these is of course my buddy boy. i did this layout ages ago and i forgot to put it in here. i cant take full credit for it though. the photo was taken by grace and the layout is based on a sketch by beccy fleck so really i did nothing pmsl.
the second is a layout i did as part of the kaiser craft dt call. funny thing is i didnt realise the date and missed the call but hey i got this lovely layout done that i just wouldnt have bothered doing otherwise.
the third is for a challenge at scrap the girls. we had 4 colours and had to do a layout using them. i really love being able to scrap girlie layouts instead of boy ones all the time. graces album might start catching up again now lol.
anyway i think that is enough for now. there are more of my pages at why not pop over and give this weeks challenge a go.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


hi all

it is a very sad day here this easter sunday. Anthonys little puppy just passed away after being hit by a car on the highway. The poor little thing didnt have a chance against a 4wd. Grace tried her hardest to stop him but buddy being the little devil he was, just wouldnt stop and through no fault of the 4wd driver got hit. I do however have 1 complaint about the 4wd driver. it seems ok to get there and stop and check your car but gee what about seeing if the 11 year old who watched it all is ok too. i know he couldnt have stopped or swerve but gee is it really that hard to say are you ok love. grace hasnt stopped crying and shaking and all that bloke could do was check his car was ok. anyway enough of that i just thought i would share a pic of our little mate. thank god anthony is away at the mo too as he is going to be devastated as buddy was his dog.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


hi all
i have some big news here to share.... I AM OFFICIALLY 34 TODAY. i am so grateful for 34 wonderful years and totally look forward to another 34.

secondly I AM OFFICIALLY A SCOUT. i got invested last night. it was such a wonderful night. i was sworn in by bear (brett grimmond). this man is a true gentleman and just a honest to goodness lovely man. then i got presented with my badges by the leaders of my group (nathan, bruce, chris) and to top it off i got my scarf of grug (john thompson). i owe this man so much. he has encouraged and helped me so much through the training and just everything. i nearly cried when he placed the scarf around my neck and did up the woggle. THANKYOU john, brett, blinky (neil), bruce, chris, nathan, ron. this moment will not be forgotten.

ok thirdly I AM A GUEST TEACHER at allcraftz for the upcoming national scrapbooking day. thankyou ebony what a wonderful birthday present being asked to join such a talented and wonderful team. so everyone keep an eye out for updates that will be coming over the next few months. i might even give you a sneak peek closer to the date of my project which i might add is very yummo and would make a fantastic, groovy and heart felt pressie for that special friend.

to all of those who have wished me a happy birthday i say a big thanks and send many cyber hugs and kisses your way.

Monday, April 6, 2009


hi all
gee i hate passwords. it seems you need to have one on anything. i have so many different passwords that i cant remember which is which now lol. just been trying to get into my bank account for halfa now and just cant remember the right combo lol. problem is that every now and then i have to chance the password for saftey reasons and then i have to try and remember the bloomin thing. maybe i am just getting old and cant remember anything lol. well i am off to try and crack this code pmsl.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

its raining woo hoo

hi all
yep it has been raining here and i am loving it. gee the smell of rain just makes me so happy and content. i know i am easily pleased pmsl. the ground has been so dry here so this is just a beautiful change. just perfect weather for snuggling up in bed for a nap, reading a book, watching your all time fav movie (mine is gone with the wind) or just scrapping til you cant scrap no more lol. i plan on maybe having a nap and scrapping.
there are some great challenges and prizes over at inkurable stampers so if you are looking for things to do why not pop over there and see if you can join in the fun. sarah is the bestest host out. del won some lovely darkroom door stuff last night in the bingo came. CONGRATS DEL.
well i am off to clean up some more and scrap. woo hoo.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hi all
it is 5;30 here and yes i am awake yet in a state of shock lol. thomas has woken up with tummy pains and thinks he wants to be sick so good old mum is up with him while he lays on the lounge and rests. i wish i knew what was causing all this sickness in our house. i wash stuff constantly i clean bathrooms etc all the time and try really hard to keep things clean. i also am big on the wash hands before you eat etc with the boys but still they keep getting ill. well i am going to go and lay in the recliner and try to nap a bit (yeah right). will catch you all at a reasonable hour.
oh and while i think of it why dont you check out this blog it is great and all girlie. i only have grace and my neice sarah to really do pretty girl layouts so it is nice to have somewhere to show them off. i have a layout there right now for their march challenge. it is of miss sarah at chrissy. she is such a cute kid. so go on what you waiting for have a look and leave a comment pmsl.