Friday, March 20, 2009

whats up

hi all
whats up with men. truly...... well my man anyhooooo. i have had a gut full. i try so hard to keep the house clean which is impossible with 4 kids and a husband (a grown up kid) and to keep them healthy and fed and happy and all i get is ignored or abused when things go wrong. i cant do anymore then i have been doing and with the kids being sick and now me vomitting it is harder than ever. yet i am meant to carry on and make sure homework is done (you can only ask so many times), stop the constant fighting (if it isnt the older two then it is the younger ones) and make the house livable. i wash constantly and ask that someone helps hang it out (old back injury plays up) but no that is too much. i cook tea and ask the kids to wash up (once again it is too much to ask). even just pick up your bloody clothes or put the clean stuff away is too much. the bedrooms look like a cyclone have gone through them. anyhooo i think i have whinged enough time to put on the happy face and get on with life.


Danielle said...

chin up hun!
i still loves ya.
Do you need a prescription for some Fukitol? pmal :)


AMEN SISTER I hear ya!Got the same prob's here dear! I will be checking in with you tomorrow!Look at it this way...when it cant get any worse...IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER!!!LOL