Monday, March 30, 2009

snakes gone woo hoo

hi all
well the snake is long gone and i could not be happier. the lady who came out was lovely. we carried the pipe out onto the drive way and she openned up her end and it wouldnt come out. we opened my end and put water down it and it still wouldnt come out. the tail of it kept showing but that was it. the poor woman asked me to hold the pipe while she grabbed her bag and told me to stay still. yeah right i shook that much the pipe just vibrated pmsl. i asked if she knew cpr as if that thing came out i was either going to wet myself or have a heart attack. well the bloody thing still didnt come out. so she laid it down and broke it with an axe and then tipped the snake out. WTF AND OMG so much for staying still i was back in my house yard and had locked the gate and was packing it big time. the bloody thing was agro and was striking her stick and bag. it was so much bigger then we thought too. i originally thought around the 5ft mark yeah right it was more like 6 to 7. omg i am still shaking just thinking about it. i am so crappy with snakes pmsl. well the lady said she would take it down the road and let it go. i politely told her to take it to the next town please. well then she said she lived a fair bit away from me so i told her she could have it and release it at her house pmsl. no way do i want it near my house or yard or neighbourhood. i know you are all probally laughing at me right now. but gee i cant handle anymore excitment like that.


Elizabeth said...

Lol Marnie!! Did you get a photo? :D

TribeRingers said...

Glad your visitor has gone Marnie. You were very brave! Me I'd be running and screeching like a girl!