Monday, March 2, 2009

slice mad

hi all

my slice and cricut turned up today and i have been playing around and getting no house work done what so ever lol. i have to buy a cartridge for the cricut but that is cool i am sure i will find one soon. the slice though has been fantasic. i have even cut out a title for graces homework.

i have a bit of a show and tell too. the talented and lovely marcy (scrappychick) at has taught me how to do canvas cards and my mother requested the first for her friends 70th on wednesday. i know she leaves me so much time doesnt she lol. well anyway marcy is queen of these cards and i am proud to show you the photos of my attempt. if you want to see a pro at it though have a look at her blog. my god this woman is talented. she inspires me constantly.
the first shot is of the front cover then the other two are the inside of the card. the photo doesnt show it properly but there is a pocket for the lady to keep all her cards in. i love the k and co paper just beautiful. i still have to find a friendship poem to put in the centre of the words happy birthday so that might be tomorrows job.

kelly bronnie told me about the house darls. fingers crossed one turns up with a pool and four bedrooms at a reasonable price. you poor thing, heat, dengy fever, cyclones, floods and now real estate issues. i reckon you need to move back. love ya




congrat's on the slice! I would have been disappointed if you hadn't INVESTED so time in working it out today(guess what housework doesn't go away, with the toys you've got to play with I'd just increase the kids vitamins and worry about cleanliness... whenever! LOL) As for your other comments aww gosh say the loveliest things!

kchambo said...

Yeah babe, over all this shit. If we get another cyclone, pick me up from Tamworth airport, as I'm comin home. Townsville not a real friendly place, but it is however, RELAXED. Nothing happens here in a hurry! LOL

kchambo said...

You suck Marnie!!!!