Tuesday, March 31, 2009

scrap panic

hi all
has anyone else gotten to a place in their life where they have so much scrapping for swaps and dt entries to do that they are so snowed under it isnt funny. i have so much to do i dont know where to start. i have sent of two applications for dt spots already. i still have another one to go for which means i have a mini book, a single layout, and a double layout to do. i have 10 recipe cards to do that i promised i would do and then i have a normal layout to whip up for bootcamp as an example, which i know isnt compulsary but i really wanted to do it. ok i have decided today is marnies scrap the crap out of it day pmsl. i am writting a list of priorities and getting down and dirty. lol. i hope everyone is fine and healthy.

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kchambo said...

When life is drowning you, I think of food. Mate, it's like eating a pizza, you can only do it one slice at a time. What's due first? Start with that one. This has worked for me for many years, and some days it's the only way I can keep my head above water. Love ya lots,
K xx