Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kids sick again

hi all
well as the title mentions the kids are sick again. grace has a rash that keeps coming up and is really itchy. it is like little lumps but isnt red or blotchy so off to the dr tomorrow if i can get in. now to top it off i have ashley vomitting everywhere. the poor little bugger is so brave too. he cant hold water down but can hold down gatorade so i am happy he is getting his fluid intake and his electrolytes are ok. i might see if the dr can see him too.

i have managed to do a bit of scrapping again and have started a scrap recipe book. this little box will hold index cards that have sketches on them and they will be sorted into different catorgories like 1 photo, 2 photo, otp etc etc etc.
now kelly the lettering on the box has been done with my slice. the easiest way to describe it is that it is like a cricut but a lot smaller. can be charged and then taken places. the little cartridges are about the size of a sd/xd camera card. it should save my fingers heaps pmsl. i dont know how i cut letters out now i have this little beauty.
ps thanks for the lovely comments everyone i really appreciate them mwah to you all.


kchambo said...

Dear Lord, Grace hasn't got a "Larry" has she? Be aware that it might be a strain of coldsore. Try water iceblocks for Anthony. Works for mine as the fluid is a gradual thing.
Congrats on the recipe box, it's just lovely. Lovin' the papers, what are they?
You SO suck!

marnie said...

i used pistachio paint by kaiser, tim holtz walnut ink, prima pp (i am not sure what the name of it is though), and the flowers are a really mix of different ones i had.