Tuesday, March 3, 2009

jealousy is a curse pmsl

hi all

well if you read my comments you will notice one from a dear friend of mine kelly. now for those who dont know her she is a totaly stir and at a camp last year i was being complimented by someone and i kept dismissing it anyway kelly told me to shut up and learn how to take a compliment. so for the rest of the weekend if someone complimented me i tried really hard to just say thankyou. well at the end of the retreat being totally tired and not doing too well at the compliment thing i asked kelly how i went and she said. marnie "you suck" lol. well we keep saying it to each other now as an ongoing joke and it still cracks me up.

so kelly if you are reading this na na de na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i have a slice and you suck too pmsl. love ya darls.


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kchambo said...

Yea, jealously is a curse. You always do such beautiful work, but , you have come so FAR from a couple of years ago. You, my love, are an untapped talent. For God's sake, keep submitting to magazines. I have entered a scrapbook shop and they were lovely. Big shoes to fill tho. Megan turned up here today, so things might be on the look up. I think you have inspired me to do a page. I don't even know what a slice does.........but I want one.
Love ya
p.s do the blog thing every day, because that way, I feel like I haven't left. :)