Monday, March 30, 2009

hand me that rake

hi all
why cant i have one boring dull day here. it seems everyday is an adventure of sorts lol. yesterday arvo just as i got the boys into the bath ray starts screaming out the front SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE, i told grace to watch the boys and not let them out of the tub and i ran out to see where the snake was. ray was in his car and heading out to the paddock to see if he could run over it. ( i know he isnt steve erwin). anway anthony was left standing on the top gates watching to see if he can see it and i was left near the front porch. well even with the sun staight in my eyes i could see this 5ft brown with no problems at all. it came straight up the paddock through the fence and up the side of the house. so here i am yelling at ray to get out of the stupid car (stupid replaces a swear word) and help me. he runs through the gate and i took off through the house to get the large rake. i am sorry the only good snake is a dead one. of course i couldnt find the bloody rake ray had moved it and had grabbed it. we then proceeded to look around for the snake and see where it had gone. we have managed to trap it in a peice of pvc pipe and i will ring wires today to get rid of the bloody thing. well that is my story. i am off now to hang washing out and trust me i will be walking around very carefully pmsl.

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kchambo said...

WTF??? !! You got a zoo at that place? Just think, that's 2 days of cardio workout! Even if you weren't running, the old ticker would have been going berserk and therefore it's a cardio workout!! LOL