Monday, March 23, 2009


hi all
ok i am over the whinging why me stage lol. i am going to be cheerful even if it kills me pmsl. so todays post is all about things i am grateful for
1. my kids
2. my husband (well sometimes pmsl)
3. my scrapping friends who have been a great support the last few days
4. my scrapping........
5. my mother and auntie and uncle who never stop loving me even when i am a shit head
6. scouts - believe it or not (sometimes it has been a great relief to talk to other adults and act like a big kid)
7. my health
8. did i mention scrapping pmsl
9. sunny days
10. having somewhere safe to put my head down and rest.

there that wasnt hard. so everyone what are you grateful for. i would love to see your comments on this one.

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kchambo said...

I am struggling to find what I am grateful for today. Feel like I have been hit by a train. Having a teenager is like living with a were wolf. You never know what you will see. Anyhoo, here is my 10.
1. I am grateful I was able to easily have children when others struggle.
2. I am grateful for electrical appliances( more scrappin time :))
3. I am grateful for friends and family who are just SO supportive.
4. I am grateful that my DH loves me no matter what.
5. I am grateful that we have "enough" of everything.
6. I am grateful I found this hobby. It's about the only thing I do for me.
7. I am grateful we are able to laugh and do things as a family ( mostly )
8. I am grateful that we have a pool(for now)
9. I am grateful there's no more cyclones on the radar.
10. I am grateful my children go to school ;)