Friday, March 27, 2009

cardio cows

hi all
how fast can a cow run??? bloody fast is the answer lol. someone has left the top gate open and as i peered out the kitchen window here were our two cows (sunday roast and lotsa) eating my rose bushes. so outside i go and try to move them on their way. now the girls were good until they hit the side of the house and decided to run up towards my vege patch. well i had to chase them down before they got to my crop didnt i. i ducked and weaved around all the fruit trees and just managed to cut them off in time. but being the idiots they are they ran back down and around the front of the house again. so i headed off again and lotsa took off and tried to climb my front stairs. once i had her under control i finally managed to get them out the gate and back into their paddock. bloomin heck i am buggered lol. well no one can say i didnt do my exercise today.

kids are still doing ok fingers crossed they will stay that way. i am over them being sick and vomitting etc. ashely and thomas have been on the rampage today and destroyed everything they touched. gee those two are trouble when they are together.

well that has been my day. not the normal one i was hoping for but never boring



avie said...

LOL! Marnie I'm picturing you running after the cows! No wonder your tired.

kchambo said...

OMG! I would have PAID MONEY to see you cavorting around your yard chasing the cows, and I KNOW how big your yard is! ROFLMAO! Just think, you should let them out everyday, so you can get your exercise! RUN F-O-R-E-S-T- RUN!
K xx


RAOTFLMAO You rebel... u know theres a saying "women and cows shouldnt run" I think that Udderly ridiculous ...U go gal!!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

LOL - that story and images of you (not that I know you) running after cows and trying to head them off had me in stitches.
Hope your kids health improve, it's terrible when they are sick.