Tuesday, March 17, 2009


hi all

well for those who dont have a clue what BL2 means i shall explain it. It stands for badge leader 2 which means you have done bl1 and now bl2. then if you are game you can do bl3. so i have bitten the bullet and done my bl2 over the weekend. there were 13 other trainees doing it too and we had a blast. we held a campfire, we played games, we tired knots, and we did heaps of lectures and paperwork. i had a great time with everyone there and they were all lovely and friendly. the area at lynchwood was stunning. there where the most beautiful trees and rocks and moore creek runs through it. just stunning. i have a couple of pics to show you all of how gorgeous it was.


kchambo said...

You had SO better not have been on that flying fox. You go BL2. Scout Mamma. Have they given you a name yet? Perhaps something like Humping Dingo would be great!!! LOL PMSL

avie said...

OMG! Congratulations on getting your "BL2". I'll bet you had the time of your life Marnie.