Tuesday, March 24, 2009

another day another dollar

hi all
gee the days here are going past faster and faster. it feels like i am just putting my head down of a night and it is time to get back up again. it looks like it is going to be a lovely and sunny day today so i might start to get on top of that pile of washing that is growing by the minute in my laundry.
i caught up with some friends yesterday, marcy via the phone and sherie/del on messenger. marcy had me in stitches the whole time we were chatting. she even managed to stalk the postie whilst having a convo with me. i ended up having to leave the phone to run to the loo i laughed that much. thanks marcy it was just what i needed. del makes me type my fingers off lol. we never seem to run out of things to chat about and make fun of, and we have even challenged each other to apply for a certain dt position coming up. lol. now that should be interesting.. sherie is one of the kindest ladies i have ever met. we met ages ago through the allcraftz forum and then met up in person a short time later (2 now) even though we are 4 hours away from each other. hopefully (if she is really nice to her hubby) we might catch up again soon at the keepit retreat in august. i am just so excited about it. cant you tell. all i have to do now is find a hunky pilot who can steal a plane for me , run up to townsville kidnap kelly and get her here for the retreat too. not asking much am i. so if you know any hunky pilots who can be won over by a few laughs and beers please leave his name and contact details in the comments section pmsl. well ladies i better go and start cleaning and doing my duty.

has everyone heard of the 7 deadly sins. well wicked princesses are holding a challenge. hence the blinkie lol.well i hope the blinkie worked i am so not a technical person pmsl. come on ladies i am sure we all have a few sins hidden in our closets.



kchambo said...

Oh cool! I am doing the 7 deadly sins challenge too. I have more than 7 sins, WAY more. I can't make the doover work on my blog tho.HOw dod yoi do it?
K xx
p.s Please find a hunky pilot, PLease, please!!!

MARNIE said...

ok darls go into their blog and leave a comment telling them you cant get it to work and they will email you with the correct code. you then go into the layout section of your dashboard of your blog and enter the code under the (new gadget javascript/html screen) my god i hope i made sence pmsl. also i am doing my best on the pilot issue.