Tuesday, March 31, 2009

scrap panic

hi all
has anyone else gotten to a place in their life where they have so much scrapping for swaps and dt entries to do that they are so snowed under it isnt funny. i have so much to do i dont know where to start. i have sent of two applications for dt spots already. i still have another one to go for which means i have a mini book, a single layout, and a double layout to do. i have 10 recipe cards to do that i promised i would do and then i have a normal layout to whip up for bootcamp as an example, which i know isnt compulsary but i really wanted to do it. ok i have decided today is marnies scrap the crap out of it day pmsl. i am writting a list of priorities and getting down and dirty. lol. i hope everyone is fine and healthy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

snakes gone woo hoo

hi all
well the snake is long gone and i could not be happier. the lady who came out was lovely. we carried the pipe out onto the drive way and she openned up her end and it wouldnt come out. we opened my end and put water down it and it still wouldnt come out. the tail of it kept showing but that was it. the poor woman asked me to hold the pipe while she grabbed her bag and told me to stay still. yeah right i shook that much the pipe just vibrated pmsl. i asked if she knew cpr as if that thing came out i was either going to wet myself or have a heart attack. well the bloody thing still didnt come out. so she laid it down and broke it with an axe and then tipped the snake out. WTF AND OMG so much for staying still i was back in my house yard and had locked the gate and was packing it big time. the bloody thing was agro and was striking her stick and bag. it was so much bigger then we thought too. i originally thought around the 5ft mark yeah right it was more like 6 to 7. omg i am still shaking just thinking about it. i am so crappy with snakes pmsl. well the lady said she would take it down the road and let it go. i politely told her to take it to the next town please. well then she said she lived a fair bit away from me so i told her she could have it and release it at her house pmsl. no way do i want it near my house or yard or neighbourhood. i know you are all probally laughing at me right now. but gee i cant handle anymore excitment like that.

hand me that rake

hi all
why cant i have one boring dull day here. it seems everyday is an adventure of sorts lol. yesterday arvo just as i got the boys into the bath ray starts screaming out the front SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE, i told grace to watch the boys and not let them out of the tub and i ran out to see where the snake was. ray was in his car and heading out to the paddock to see if he could run over it. ( i know he isnt steve erwin). anway anthony was left standing on the top gates watching to see if he can see it and i was left near the front porch. well even with the sun staight in my eyes i could see this 5ft brown with no problems at all. it came straight up the paddock through the fence and up the side of the house. so here i am yelling at ray to get out of the stupid car (stupid replaces a swear word) and help me. he runs through the gate and i took off through the house to get the large rake. i am sorry the only good snake is a dead one. of course i couldnt find the bloody rake ray had moved it and had grabbed it. we then proceeded to look around for the snake and see where it had gone. we have managed to trap it in a peice of pvc pipe and i will ring wires today to get rid of the bloody thing. well that is my story. i am off now to hang washing out and trust me i will be walking around very carefully pmsl.

Friday, March 27, 2009

cardio cows

hi all
how fast can a cow run??? bloody fast is the answer lol. someone has left the top gate open and as i peered out the kitchen window here were our two cows (sunday roast and lotsa) eating my rose bushes. so outside i go and try to move them on their way. now the girls were good until they hit the side of the house and decided to run up towards my vege patch. well i had to chase them down before they got to my crop didnt i. i ducked and weaved around all the fruit trees and just managed to cut them off in time. but being the idiots they are they ran back down and around the front of the house again. so i headed off again and lotsa took off and tried to climb my front stairs. once i had her under control i finally managed to get them out the gate and back into their paddock. bloomin heck i am buggered lol. well no one can say i didnt do my exercise today.

kids are still doing ok fingers crossed they will stay that way. i am over them being sick and vomitting etc. ashely and thomas have been on the rampage today and destroyed everything they touched. gee those two are trouble when they are together.

well that has been my day. not the normal one i was hoping for but never boring


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

another day another dollar

hi all
gee the days here are going past faster and faster. it feels like i am just putting my head down of a night and it is time to get back up again. it looks like it is going to be a lovely and sunny day today so i might start to get on top of that pile of washing that is growing by the minute in my laundry.
i caught up with some friends yesterday, marcy via the phone and sherie/del on messenger. marcy had me in stitches the whole time we were chatting. she even managed to stalk the postie whilst having a convo with me. i ended up having to leave the phone to run to the loo i laughed that much. thanks marcy it was just what i needed. del makes me type my fingers off lol. we never seem to run out of things to chat about and make fun of, and we have even challenged each other to apply for a certain dt position coming up. lol. now that should be interesting.. sherie is one of the kindest ladies i have ever met. we met ages ago through the allcraftz forum and then met up in person a short time later (2 now) even though we are 4 hours away from each other. hopefully (if she is really nice to her hubby) we might catch up again soon at the keepit retreat in august. i am just so excited about it. cant you tell. all i have to do now is find a hunky pilot who can steal a plane for me , run up to townsville kidnap kelly and get her here for the retreat too. not asking much am i. so if you know any hunky pilots who can be won over by a few laughs and beers please leave his name and contact details in the comments section pmsl. well ladies i better go and start cleaning and doing my duty.

has everyone heard of the 7 deadly sins. well wicked princesses are holding a challenge. hence the blinkie lol.well i hope the blinkie worked i am so not a technical person pmsl. come on ladies i am sure we all have a few sins hidden in our closets.


Monday, March 23, 2009


hi all
ok i am over the whinging why me stage lol. i am going to be cheerful even if it kills me pmsl. so todays post is all about things i am grateful for
1. my kids
2. my husband (well sometimes pmsl)
3. my scrapping friends who have been a great support the last few days
4. my scrapping........
5. my mother and auntie and uncle who never stop loving me even when i am a shit head
6. scouts - believe it or not (sometimes it has been a great relief to talk to other adults and act like a big kid)
7. my health
8. did i mention scrapping pmsl
9. sunny days
10. having somewhere safe to put my head down and rest.

there that wasnt hard. so everyone what are you grateful for. i would love to see your comments on this one.

Friday, March 20, 2009

whats up

hi all
whats up with men. truly...... well my man anyhooooo. i have had a gut full. i try so hard to keep the house clean which is impossible with 4 kids and a husband (a grown up kid) and to keep them healthy and fed and happy and all i get is ignored or abused when things go wrong. i cant do anymore then i have been doing and with the kids being sick and now me vomitting it is harder than ever. yet i am meant to carry on and make sure homework is done (you can only ask so many times), stop the constant fighting (if it isnt the older two then it is the younger ones) and make the house livable. i wash constantly and ask that someone helps hang it out (old back injury plays up) but no that is too much. i cook tea and ask the kids to wash up (once again it is too much to ask). even just pick up your bloody clothes or put the clean stuff away is too much. the bedrooms look like a cyclone have gone through them. anyhooo i think i have whinged enough time to put on the happy face and get on with life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


hi all

well for those who dont have a clue what BL2 means i shall explain it. It stands for badge leader 2 which means you have done bl1 and now bl2. then if you are game you can do bl3. so i have bitten the bullet and done my bl2 over the weekend. there were 13 other trainees doing it too and we had a blast. we held a campfire, we played games, we tired knots, and we did heaps of lectures and paperwork. i had a great time with everyone there and they were all lovely and friendly. the area at lynchwood was stunning. there where the most beautiful trees and rocks and moore creek runs through it. just stunning. i have a couple of pics to show you all of how gorgeous it was.

Monday, March 16, 2009

omg look at what i found

hi all.

i have just received an email that has cracked me up. now the pics i am about to show have some adult content to them so please make sure kids are not around. del i soooooo know you are going to love these too. lol. i so need the tablets.lol. i will also be back to post soon some pics from my badge leaders course for scouts. i had a great weekend but i still havent had the chance to upload the pics so that will be tomorrows job.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bootcamp our way

hi all
well as the title may suggest there is a bootcamp in progress at the mo. the wonderful people at blue bazaar are running one and a friend of mine (Kelly) and i decided we would gather a few friends and see if we can support each other through the camp. now if you are reading this and maybe a bit tempted go to bootcampourway.blogspot.com where you will find all the details and ins and outs involved.

i have a few show and tells to do to. the other day at a local crop (kindly put on by lisa) i managed to do a layout and also my green atcs. i decided to go with kermit the frog and his is one of my all time favorites muppets. i think it is because ray and i are like kermie and miss piggy. lol. anyway i thought i might share and give you all a looksy.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kids sick again

hi all
well as the title mentions the kids are sick again. grace has a rash that keeps coming up and is really itchy. it is like little lumps but isnt red or blotchy so off to the dr tomorrow if i can get in. now to top it off i have ashley vomitting everywhere. the poor little bugger is so brave too. he cant hold water down but can hold down gatorade so i am happy he is getting his fluid intake and his electrolytes are ok. i might see if the dr can see him too.

i have managed to do a bit of scrapping again and have started a scrap recipe book. this little box will hold index cards that have sketches on them and they will be sorted into different catorgories like 1 photo, 2 photo, otp etc etc etc.
now kelly the lettering on the box has been done with my slice. the easiest way to describe it is that it is like a cricut but a lot smaller. can be charged and then taken places. the little cartridges are about the size of a sd/xd camera card. it should save my fingers heaps pmsl. i dont know how i cut letters out now i have this little beauty.
ps thanks for the lovely comments everyone i really appreciate them mwah to you all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

jealousy is a curse pmsl

hi all

well if you read my comments you will notice one from a dear friend of mine kelly. now for those who dont know her she is a totaly stir and at a camp last year i was being complimented by someone and i kept dismissing it anyway kelly told me to shut up and learn how to take a compliment. so for the rest of the weekend if someone complimented me i tried really hard to just say thankyou. well at the end of the retreat being totally tired and not doing too well at the compliment thing i asked kelly how i went and she said. marnie "you suck" lol. well we keep saying it to each other now as an ongoing joke and it still cracks me up.

so kelly if you are reading this na na de na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i have a slice and you suck too pmsl. love ya darls.


Monday, March 2, 2009

slice mad

hi all

my slice and cricut turned up today and i have been playing around and getting no house work done what so ever lol. i have to buy a cartridge for the cricut but that is cool i am sure i will find one soon. the slice though has been fantasic. i have even cut out a title for graces homework.

i have a bit of a show and tell too. the talented and lovely marcy (scrappychick) at passion84paperart.blogspot.com has taught me how to do canvas cards and my mother requested the first for her friends 70th on wednesday. i know she leaves me so much time doesnt she lol. well anyway marcy is queen of these cards and i am proud to show you the photos of my attempt. if you want to see a pro at it though have a look at her blog. my god this woman is talented. she inspires me constantly.
the first shot is of the front cover then the other two are the inside of the card. the photo doesnt show it properly but there is a pocket for the lady to keep all her cards in. i love the k and co paper just beautiful. i still have to find a friendship poem to put in the centre of the words happy birthday so that might be tomorrows job.

kelly bronnie told me about the house darls. fingers crossed one turns up with a pool and four bedrooms at a reasonable price. you poor thing, heat, dengy fever, cyclones, floods and now real estate issues. i reckon you need to move back. love ya