Monday, February 2, 2009

thomas' big day

hi all

well it is thomas' first day at preschool and he was so grown up and didnt need me at all. he waved goodbye and then ran off to play. i really miss him. ashley and i have done the milkshake out the front thing and now are watching bear in the big blue house to pass some time.

i am a bit useless today. i fell over cooking tea last night and as i fell the big glass chopping board fell off the microwave and hit my ankle so i have twisted my ankle and bruised it too pmsl. i am a bit bloody sore today that is for sure.

anyway on the bright side i have popped a pic of thomas in for you all to see my big boy. it is not the best pic as i was running late as usual pmsl.



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Elizabeth said...

Oh you poor thing! Hope the ankle gets better soon. I twisted mine the other week too :(