Monday, February 16, 2009

so much mess

hi all
well i am trying to clean the house and as you can tell by my being on the computer it isnt going too well. i have grace home sick and ashley running riot so things just arent going to plan lol. i have just sorted through some of my scrapping goodies and my god i have way too much stuff. it is scary that i have spent that much money but i spose if it makes me happy then who cares. it is also scary how messy ones house can get. it looks like an atomic bomb has hit my place. i just pray no one turns up today for a chat as i just couldnt handle anyone seeing it like this. lol. where does all this crap come from. i am sure we dont own that much of it lol. i havent even had a chance to make the beds yet but the washing is done and on the line (it looks like it is going to rain any minute now). i have to clean the lounge room and the kitchen. oh that reminds me i need to pull the roast out to thaw before it is too late. gee yet another thing to do lol. oh well look on the positive side, we have a house that is our home and it contains all the special people i love. after what has happened over the last few days i really shouldnt be complaining should i.

i have also just submitted three layouts to for keeps, scrapbook creations and scrapbook memories. fingers crossed i get published. if not i will just have to keep trying wont i lol. i wonder if i hound them enough if they will just throw their arms up in dispair and pop one in pmsl.

have a great day whatever you are doing and smile.



Hello Marnie....check out my blog!!! There is an award or 2 for you there!!


Maz said...

Good luck getting published and getting the housework done...

I watched Mad Hot Ballroom - awesome movie :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and I like your name too!

Maz xx

P.S. Not enough icecream to share :P


hey you forgot to mention a wonderful distraction on the phone! LOL GOOD LUCK WITH THE LAYOUTS...DONT FORGET US WHEN YOU"RE FAMOUS!!! :)