Monday, February 23, 2009

oh so bloomin old

hi all

i am well and truly feeling my age today. lol. i had a great day yesterday with the kids at the scouts foundation day. we had different crafts, archery, displays and at the end of the day water sports. i did a small injury during the archery and have a beautiful blue and purple bruise on my arm from the bow but the most damage was done when in a moment of stupidity i decided to go down a water slide. this isnt like a slide at a pool but a great big peice of plastic with soap and water on it. now at my age i should have known better but hey the inner kid just came busting out of me. so up this hill i tredged and then propelled myself face first down the hill. i laughed so hard i think that is where the injuries have come into it lol. i was heading for the dirt and even managed to do a big turn and stay on the plastic. omg it was the best fun i have had in such a long long time. i ache from head to toe pmsl. ashley 4 and thomas 3 both had a few goes on it and needless to say grace and anthony had a few turns too. i ran around after my second turn and told everyone that i must now own one of these. i could do it all day it is that much fun. anyway i have popped in a pic but it isnt the best. mum has the better one so i will get it off her sometime soon.

ps kellie i know if you were here you would have joined me going down and next i aim to do the flying fox pmsl.



WOOHOO You go girl!!!! Looks like so much fun!!!! Sounds like a great idea for the Allcraftz retreat!!!!!


raotflmao! Oh no umm wasnt really!?! You go go girl as the say life is short dont just be a passenger ... live it, go screaming, laughing and enjoy the ride! Your kids musta been so proud of their mum for having a go!

kchambo said...

I will never speak to you again if you get to go on the flying fox.

kchambo said...

oh, yes, I now have a blog. And you thought I was too silly....LOL