Friday, February 6, 2009

I said captain

hi all

Grace my golden child pmsl has just become house captian of cockburn at school. this means she has to organise the team to enter different races and get banners etc ready for big sporting events. she is so excited and we went to a special assembly the other day to watch her recieve her badge and be sworn in. i got the privilledge of pinning her badge on. she kept telling me not to cry or she would flog me and never forgive me for embarrassing her pmsl. ray was able to turn up and see her special event which was fantastic.

the days here have been really really hot but i am grateful as it could be so much worse like melbourne etc. we hit 40 today and that was enough for me lol. i did lock the boys and i into the lounge room and finish off a layout i started last night at the salvo crop. i had the best time last night. i forgot how nice it was to sit at a large table and talk for hours to other ladies. they are such a lovely bunch too which helps.

i have had the two boys to the doctors today with different issues. it seems ashley has a reaction to eating too much dairy and has a terrible time with his little bottom. so we are now on a lower dairy diet to see if it makes a difference. i bloody hope so as when he wakes up screaming in agony it is really hard to settle him down again and get him comfortable enough to sleep then of course i cant sleep as i am too worried about him. thomas on the other hand seems to have a problem with his legs. he cramps up all the time and is unable to walk when they hit. it seems to be at least once every 2 days that it happens and he too screams in pain and i cant do much to help but rub them and try to make them relax. if both of these dont improve i have to take them to a specialist. never a dull moment hey pmsl. well thomas now has to have about 1/4 of a bottle of gastorade a day to see if that improves and also have blood tests.


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