Wednesday, February 11, 2009

how sad

hi all
well it has been such a sad few days. so many lives lost and so much devastation. my love and prayers to all of those who have suffered in these terrible fires. i have noticed if you look on aussie pub calls blog or even on ebay there are sales going on to raise funds for the people of vic. so go on have a look and see if you are able to walk away with a bargain as well as helping some one else out. grace has organised a food drive through her aunts work. so far she has collected half an office of tinned goods etc. her great aunt has help collect and tommorrow when we go shopping i will add to her stores. the salvation army here have promised to send the food etc free of any cost. i can not thank everyone who gave generously to her little fund raiser. grace has a heart of gold and i just could not be more proud of her.

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