Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a great award

hi all
well as you can see i just got a lovely award for encouragement. it has come from the very talented and lovely hannah (bubblefrog). thankyou hannah for such a great award. you are a great friend and constant inspiration.
now for me to pick a few people to pass this award onto. mmmmmm lets see. there are so many great scrappers and friends that it is really hard to choose. so here goes.
1. to marcy - scrappychick, your friendship means alot to me and i have had a blast chatting on the phone to you over the last couple of weeks. your talent astounds me and i am in awe of your ability to create with such colour and freedom.
2. to del - you bloomin crack up. you constantly make me laugh at the little things in life. never stop smiling my friend.
3. to elizabeth (redcrystal) - your atcs never stop to amaze me. i love how you can make something so beautiful out of something the size of a playing card, keep up the great work.
4. to megan (scrapnshop) - your patience with all of us ratbags is second to none. you make the forum at allcraftz a fun and enjoyable place to be. thankyou for all your support and friendship.
may you all enjoy this award and pass it on to everyone who matters to you. luv ya all.



OMG!!! THE LOVELY THINGS YOU SAY MARNIE!!! I'm "TYPELESS" (well c'mon we all know I could never be speachless! LOL) I have no idea what to say to such kind words!!! Thankyou my friend, you really have a heart of gold!

marnie said...

your more then welcomed sweetie i only ever tell the truth

Danielle said...

Awww... Little ol' me? You think I'm that funny?? PMSL

I loves ya hun xx