Saturday, February 14, 2009

catching up

hi all

it is raining today and it is glorious. the rain has set in so it is a lovely drizzle just perfect for sleeping in (shame i cant get a chance too lol). i had to go into town today so i thought while i was there i would run into spotlight for a quick sticky. of course i walked out with more pp. i just cant help myself. i am sure it is going to go perfectly with the pic of grace and jemma that i posted a while back. i just had to have it lol.

i managed to scrap two layouts last night and today i will be putting the finishing touches on it. i saw a comp over on another site and it was just a sketch one so i thought why the hell not. the layout came together so quickly and i got to use up some of the bits and pieces i had stored up. the second one i just buckled down and it came to me from no where. i loved the pic heaps so i think that helped. i will pop them up in here really soon.

while i think of it too. there was a call out i heard about for some mens suits. these suits are badly needed in vic for the fire survivors. i never thought of this until i heard but a majority of these people will soon have funerals to go too and as they have lost all their belongings they dont have anything suitable to wear. so kind souls if you are able to donate some clothing suitable for funerals to the salvos to send down i am sure these people would be very appreciative.

i also got a chance to listen to a message on my phone from my dear friend kelly chambers. you might remember kelly is the lovely lady who has left me to move to townsville. the poor dear has suffered servere heat and humidity to flooding in her short time there. this beautiful soul though managed to ring up and crack me up no end. i want everyones honest opinion here on the photo i posted of her the mad thing thinks she looks like a relative of steady eddies pmsl. myself i think she looks like herself, funny, caring, honest, generous and just down right beautiful. she lights a room when she walks in and i wouldnt change her for the world. so kelly i am sorry but the pic stays pmsl.

valentines is never a big thing here but today i gave ray a box of chocolates and ever since i have craved them. i hope everyone elses day is full of love and family and joy. a big hug and kiss from me

well i had better go and finish these layouts and then take the pics etc. LOVE YA'S


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