Wednesday, January 21, 2009

when do the hols end

hi all
come on school hurry back. i need to get some routine back into my life. school hols have been so busy here and i am at my wits end with the house and mess and kids. i have cleaned out the toy box today and thrown stuff out left right and centre. they still have too many toys lol.

ray is on call again this week so that means he works from 8 til 4.30 and then from 7.30pm til 7.30 pm he is waiting a call to run in and fix something. the poor bugger is so tired lately i think he will need to take a holiday soon to try and catch up on some sleep and just relax.

my aunt, cousin and his girl friend is coming up on friday from newcastle for country music and we are having a bbq at my other aunts house. it should be a great day. the cavalcade is on first thing in the morning and then we are hitting the pool and bbq. we might even go to the loco pub for a sit and listen to some music.


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