Friday, January 23, 2009

whats up

hi all
i dont know if anyone has noticed lately but gee it seems all i have done is whinged and complained and sooked in here. i dont know what is happening. maybe it is just the heat and lack of sleep catching up with me or maybe just my old age. all i know is that i have to snap out of it. being so negative all the time is taking its toll on me. so here we go happy thoughts lol.

i am happy because - ray got to work on time today
- i got to scrap a little bit last night
- my kids are sitting quietly watching tv
- we are all healthy
- i have credit on my mobile again
- the clouds are hanging around and it is not so hot
- that my friend kellie made it to townsville nice and safely
there that wasnt hard was it.


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I'm happy cause my friend Marnie is happy....but she does have to email me and tell me whens the best time to phone her! LOL