Monday, January 19, 2009


hi all
well as the title says i am having a very hectic time here at the mo. the kids are truly driving me up the wall and the count down has started til school starts. ashley and thomas are looking forward to preschool and it too is not coming fast enough. my house looks like a tsuami has ripped through it and no matter how much i clean and tidy i just turn around and it is back to crappy.

i have been away for a few days in newcastle with my aunt and cousin. we had the best time down there. the kids spent all the time in her pool and i must admit after a couple of drinks i was skinny dipping. yep i know how embarrassing at 33 to skinny dip. all i can say is thank god it was dark and no one could see me lol. helen and i did sink a couple of drinks and it was the best night i have had in ages. kurt introduced us to kylie his friend and she was such a lovely girl. ashley and thomas took to her straight away and actually ashley surprised her by asking kylie if she had a man. the poor girl nearly choked.

we have another new member to our family. our little bantom cutie laid an egg and one week ago a beautiful little chick hatched out. its name is sunny (short for sunny side up). anthony also is having a ball with his pup buddy. he just needs to learn to watch the dog more and stop it messing in the house. if anyone has any tips on this could you please leave a comment for me. we take it out all the time to run around and wee etc but every now and then it surprises me with a little gem inside.

i havent scrapped for a bit but i am hoping to rectify that really soon. thanks for all the comments too.


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Danielle said...

Hey marn... take the puppy outside like you're doing, especially after he eats or drinks anything and watch him as much as you can. If he looks like he's gonna go pick him up and take him outside and say toilet (or whatever you want) something that you say all the time and praise him like mad when he does good. And repeat the process. Good luck. Hope you dont get too many more surprises.
Del xx