Thursday, January 29, 2009

All grown up

hi all

well as the heading states my family is growing up. i must admit at times it is way to fast at other times not fast enough lol. ashley started preschool yesterday and he was just so cute with his bag and hat. he goes two days a week now on a wednesday and thursday. thomas starts on mondays in the 3 year old class. he is so looking forward to it. ashley was so tired yesterday afternoon but he had fun which is great. the house sounds so quiet without my little entertainer here. thomas and i had a milkshake and some quiet time when we got home today from dropping the others off.

we are all really excited here as it looks like we are getting the air con put in on monday (thankgod). i just cant wait to finally feel cool and comfortable in my house.


Danielle said...

How cute is he!! Hope your well hun. Talk soon.
Del xx

avie said...

So adorable Marnie! They really do grow up to fast.