Thursday, January 29, 2009

All grown up

hi all

well as the heading states my family is growing up. i must admit at times it is way to fast at other times not fast enough lol. ashley started preschool yesterday and he was just so cute with his bag and hat. he goes two days a week now on a wednesday and thursday. thomas starts on mondays in the 3 year old class. he is so looking forward to it. ashley was so tired yesterday afternoon but he had fun which is great. the house sounds so quiet without my little entertainer here. thomas and i had a milkshake and some quiet time when we got home today from dropping the others off.

we are all really excited here as it looks like we are getting the air con put in on monday (thankgod). i just cant wait to finally feel cool and comfortable in my house.

Monday, January 26, 2009

happy thoughts for today

hi all

here are a few happy thoughts i have been having the last couple of days.

- my family have been together swimming, pub crawling and just hanging out together.
- it is getting closer to the day my air con gets put in
- school goes back on wednesday
- ashely and thomas start preschool soon
- the puppy has been behaving itself
- our chicken is growing really nicely
- my house is getting organised

well that is enough i cant be too happy or everyone will think i am sniffing something.


Friday, January 23, 2009

whats up

hi all
i dont know if anyone has noticed lately but gee it seems all i have done is whinged and complained and sooked in here. i dont know what is happening. maybe it is just the heat and lack of sleep catching up with me or maybe just my old age. all i know is that i have to snap out of it. being so negative all the time is taking its toll on me. so here we go happy thoughts lol.

i am happy because - ray got to work on time today
- i got to scrap a little bit last night
- my kids are sitting quietly watching tv
- we are all healthy
- i have credit on my mobile again
- the clouds are hanging around and it is not so hot
- that my friend kellie made it to townsville nice and safely
there that wasnt hard was it.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

when do the hols end

hi all
come on school hurry back. i need to get some routine back into my life. school hols have been so busy here and i am at my wits end with the house and mess and kids. i have cleaned out the toy box today and thrown stuff out left right and centre. they still have too many toys lol.

ray is on call again this week so that means he works from 8 til 4.30 and then from 7.30pm til 7.30 pm he is waiting a call to run in and fix something. the poor bugger is so tired lately i think he will need to take a holiday soon to try and catch up on some sleep and just relax.

my aunt, cousin and his girl friend is coming up on friday from newcastle for country music and we are having a bbq at my other aunts house. it should be a great day. the cavalcade is on first thing in the morning and then we are hitting the pool and bbq. we might even go to the loco pub for a sit and listen to some music.


Monday, January 19, 2009


hi all
well as the title says i am having a very hectic time here at the mo. the kids are truly driving me up the wall and the count down has started til school starts. ashley and thomas are looking forward to preschool and it too is not coming fast enough. my house looks like a tsuami has ripped through it and no matter how much i clean and tidy i just turn around and it is back to crappy.

i have been away for a few days in newcastle with my aunt and cousin. we had the best time down there. the kids spent all the time in her pool and i must admit after a couple of drinks i was skinny dipping. yep i know how embarrassing at 33 to skinny dip. all i can say is thank god it was dark and no one could see me lol. helen and i did sink a couple of drinks and it was the best night i have had in ages. kurt introduced us to kylie his friend and she was such a lovely girl. ashley and thomas took to her straight away and actually ashley surprised her by asking kylie if she had a man. the poor girl nearly choked.

we have another new member to our family. our little bantom cutie laid an egg and one week ago a beautiful little chick hatched out. its name is sunny (short for sunny side up). anthony also is having a ball with his pup buddy. he just needs to learn to watch the dog more and stop it messing in the house. if anyone has any tips on this could you please leave a comment for me. we take it out all the time to run around and wee etc but every now and then it surprises me with a little gem inside.

i havent scrapped for a bit but i am hoping to rectify that really soon. thanks for all the comments too.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


hi all
well this is a really quick post to say gday and catch up the sad thing is that i will be leaving tomorrow for newcastle for a few days and will not be able to get on the net til i return. i hope all my readers have been healthy wealthy and just a tad wise.

last sunday was a day of many mixed emotions. three dear friends of mine came out for a day of scrapping (not much was done pmsl). bronwen turned 50 so we had a party for her with cake, balloons, and heaps of singing and a touch of wine. this fine lady was born way before her time. she is so funny and liberating i love her to bits. on the sad side though we had to say good bye to one of the most generous and hilarious ladies i have the privilledge of knowing. kelly chambers is moving to townsville and it is such a shame. tamworth is going to be a much smaller place with this live wire gone. kelly i wish you and your beautiful family all the best in townsville and i pray we will see each other soon. this pic is of kelly at the last lake keepit retreat. we had a blast drinking wine and eating the yummiest cheeses and nibblies. kelly you are such a clown and i know you told me i have to keep the laughs coming but gee they are awefully big boots to fill pmsl. kelly you are going to be missed. luv ya gal.

scrap wise i havent really done anything new. it has been so bloody hot here that i just dont venture into my craft room much. it is clean though so when it cools down i should be ready at a drop of a hat.

congrats to all the winners in the for keeps elite team and awards of excellence. all your work was gorgeous. the great thing about this comp is that you just do 5 layouts be them single or double in the theme/colour scheme of your choice. i love the layouts i did and now after i take some pics i can share them with all of you.

well i am off to pack and clean house so i am not in a flat spin in the morning before i even get to the train station.