Tuesday, December 23, 2008


hi all
well it definately must be the silly season. i decided to rip down all the old tatty wallpaper in my bedroom the other day. what a stupid idea. i dont know what i was thinking lol. i thought that it would only take me a day or two to get the walls ready to paint. heheheeeeee five days later and i am still sanding all the putty back to a smooth wall. me and my big ideas. it will look great once it is done but i am just a bit sad that i mightnt get it done by chrissy.

can you believe that we are only 2 sleeps away from chrissy. how did that happen. the years are just going by quicker and quicker. i have all my shopping done and i am really looking forward to seeing the kids faces on chrissy morning. ashley and thomas are going to be sooooooooo excited. ashley woke up from his nap yesterday and told me that there were only 2 sleeps to go. the poor little bugger was so dissappointed when i told him that only night sleeps counted lol. the two boys keep touching the pressies and asking if they can open them yet. i am surprised they have lasted this long lol.

if i dont get the chance to get on again before the big day


may this chrissy be full of love, family, good times and lasting memories.




I know what you mean about these little jobs.. we have a pagola earmarked for destruction. Except I'm to scared to start, justimagining the mess! Ashley sounds so cute. what a scrap worthy comment! LOL Merry christmas and a happy new year to you Marnie. I may even phone sometime soon! ROLF

TribeRingers said...

Hi Marnie, just wanted to say Happy New Year to you, look forward to seeing you in the forum.