Thursday, December 4, 2008


hi all
we have been flat out here lately so i apologise for lack of posts. well foster was lovely. it was great to get away as a family and just relax. the kids had a ball at the beach and i even caught 3 fish. mind you they were all tiny and had to be put back lol.i got a bit sun burnt hopefully i havent done any damage. i got a couple of pics of some dolphins. i will try to pop them up later.

we have a new member of the family. it is a little 8 week old pig and we have named her peppa pig after the cartoon charactor. she is a funny little thing and has managed to rip up all the grass where her cage is at the moment. ray and i have a couple of days to make a pen for her. our calf is doing really well too which is great. she has filled out and now you cant see her ribs. we are turning into a real old macdidlick farm e i ei ooooooooooooooooo. lol.


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