Thursday, December 11, 2008

cuttlebug heaven

hi all
well as the title announces i am in heaven. i have just become the owner of a cuttlebug and also have 4 embossing folders. it is a chrissy pressie from the kids and ray. omg i am having a ball with it. i think everything is going to be embossed now pmsl. the kids love it too so i can see it earning its money real soon.

grace has to go to the dentist today the poor girl has inherited her fathers shocking teeth. it looks like she is going to end up with braces. she has told me she wants pink and white ones if she has to have them. i can just feel the money sliding out of my wallet pmsl. i do prefer that it is done now rather then later. she is such a beautiful girl and when her teeth are fixed she is going to be a real stunner. ray had better polish off his shotgun pmsl.

thanks to all of you who leave comments too. i really enjoy reading what you think about things.



Danielle said...

YAY @ the bug!!! I love mine, but dont use it as offen as i'd like.

When is grace getting her braces? I hope they are not too uncomfortable for her.
ANd where you been anyway miss?? I miss our chats. Take care sweets

MrsDB said...

Hi gorgeous, I have given you an award, you can see it on my blog if you pop over there :) .

Elizabeth said...

I love my bug, I am sure your going to love it JUST as much as I do :)