Tuesday, December 23, 2008


hi all
well it definately must be the silly season. i decided to rip down all the old tatty wallpaper in my bedroom the other day. what a stupid idea. i dont know what i was thinking lol. i thought that it would only take me a day or two to get the walls ready to paint. heheheeeeee five days later and i am still sanding all the putty back to a smooth wall. me and my big ideas. it will look great once it is done but i am just a bit sad that i mightnt get it done by chrissy.

can you believe that we are only 2 sleeps away from chrissy. how did that happen. the years are just going by quicker and quicker. i have all my shopping done and i am really looking forward to seeing the kids faces on chrissy morning. ashley and thomas are going to be sooooooooo excited. ashley woke up from his nap yesterday and told me that there were only 2 sleeps to go. the poor little bugger was so dissappointed when i told him that only night sleeps counted lol. the two boys keep touching the pressies and asking if they can open them yet. i am surprised they have lasted this long lol.

if i dont get the chance to get on again before the big day


may this chrissy be full of love, family, good times and lasting memories.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

only 8 more sleeps

hi all

well where has the time gone. can you believe that we only have 8 more sleeps till chrissy. the kids are getting very very excited now and are driving me wild with santa this and santa that lol.

by the way if anyone is interested in some big savings head on over to allcraftz as ebony is having a big 50% off sale on patterned papers and her chrissy stuff. woo hoo. i am shopping right now in between sentences lol.

i have included a pic of grace and jemma from the other night. dont the two of them look gorgeous. i cant believe how quickly they are growing up. it is so scarey to think that grace only has one more year of primary to go and then she is off to highschool. gee i feel old pmsl.


Sunday, December 14, 2008


hi all

have a looksy at what i have just gotten off the beautiful robyn aka mrs d. she has given me this beautiful award. i feel so honoured to receive this special award for spreading the love. now i have to get there and pick 6 to pass it onto. now i have to put my thinking cap on for this one. mmmm so many inspirational and talented ladies out there.

ok i think i have a few ideas

1. to del - you mad thing. this lady cracks me up so much my sides hurt. i really look forward to seeing her little man in messenger lol. never change del you are priceless

2. to red - your work is a true credit to you. i am amazed at your atcs each time they arrive here. keep up the beautiful work

3. to marcey - do i make you horny baby pmsl. this lady has talent pouring out of her pores. i am stunned constantly at her imagination. oh and the horny comment comes from something on her blog http://www.passion84paperart.blogspot.com/

4. to frances - now this is going to become a bit of a surprise for frances as i never leave a comment until now lol. i have never seen cards made like this woman makes them. just gorgeous. if you ever got one you would have to frame it. they stand out as a total work of art.

5. to hannah - i love your ability to think outside the square hannah. i have trouble doing anything if i dont have a map but you can just create a masterpeice out of thin air.

6. to loulou - i cant explain the amount of detail you put into everything you create. there are so many little bits and peices that each time i look at your work i find something else that i never saw before. i love it.

wow i did it i spoke from the heart about each of these ladies and i think i have found a great bunch for you to maybe stick your head in and see their work. all of their blogs should be in my blog list so go ahead have a sticky beak you now you want too lol.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

cuttlebug heaven

hi all
well as the title announces i am in heaven. i have just become the owner of a cuttlebug and also have 4 embossing folders. it is a chrissy pressie from the kids and ray. omg i am having a ball with it. i think everything is going to be embossed now pmsl. the kids love it too so i can see it earning its money real soon.

grace has to go to the dentist today the poor girl has inherited her fathers shocking teeth. it looks like she is going to end up with braces. she has told me she wants pink and white ones if she has to have them. i can just feel the money sliding out of my wallet pmsl. i do prefer that it is done now rather then later. she is such a beautiful girl and when her teeth are fixed she is going to be a real stunner. ray had better polish off his shotgun pmsl.

thanks to all of you who leave comments too. i really enjoy reading what you think about things.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

scouts 100 marnie 0

hi all
i have just had the best arvo with anthony and his cub pack. omg they ran me ragged. i have played cheaters, red rover cross over, dodge ball and even soccer where i scored two goals. i am letting you all know that i will not be moving tomorrow so there will definatly be no posts pmsl.

We have put the chrissy tree up at mums and gee it looks great. i love putting it up down there with all the lights and really pretty ornaments. we even have a little train that runs under the tree and plays music. the boys just loved it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

all shopped out

hi all
well my chrissy shopping is done and boy oh boy i need to cut down the amout of people i buy for. way too many and hence way too much money is spent. i got some great stuff for the kids i am sure they are going to have a blast this chrissy. now to sort out what is actually happening on the day. i know my mother is coming out in the morning to open pressies with the kids, and i know lunch is with rays sister and family which i am really looking forward too then i am not sure what is happening in the arvo. we normally go to beths or theas for a big big big family get together but this year i just dont know what is going to happen. i am happy to stay home and just chill out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


hi all
we have been flat out here lately so i apologise for lack of posts. well foster was lovely. it was great to get away as a family and just relax. the kids had a ball at the beach and i even caught 3 fish. mind you they were all tiny and had to be put back lol.i got a bit sun burnt hopefully i havent done any damage. i got a couple of pics of some dolphins. i will try to pop them up later.

we have a new member of the family. it is a little 8 week old pig and we have named her peppa pig after the cartoon charactor. she is a funny little thing and has managed to rip up all the grass where her cage is at the moment. ray and i have a couple of days to make a pen for her. our calf is doing really well too which is great. she has filled out and now you cant see her ribs. we are turning into a real old macdidlick farm e i ei ooooooooooooooooo. lol.