Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tummy bug 1 marnie 0

hi all
well as the title suggests i have been hit by the tummy bug and my god it has hit hard. lol. i have now been sick for 3 days and i am well and truly over it. i can handle the running to the loo all the time but the cramps are unbearable. bloody bug i pray is doesnt hit the boys as then the crap will truly hit the fan lol.

anthony went bushwalking yesterday with the scouts and had a ball. he is nearly finished his citizen badge and also he has cooked a cake to help complete his cooking badge. i am really proud of this little guy. he has planted stuff in the garden to get his gardening badge and i am happy to announce that they are starting to poke their little heads up out of the ground. anthony of course isnt happy with just the acheivement badges he has aimed high and is after his grey wolf badge lol. this is the badge that only gets handed out every now and then and is really tricky to get. i think he is going to get it too with the way his is going. i think it is really good for him too as ray is getting involved a bit and helping him with different aspects of the badges. this photo is the one i took with all the leaders after he got his induction badges. the smile on his face says it all. god love him.


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