Thursday, November 6, 2008

my sister is back in town

hi all
ok i have a confession it is really rays sister. i am an only child so i am over the moon about irene being back in town. we are only a few months different in age and her little girl sarah is the same age as ashley so i am sure they will become really good friends. irene has been livin in horsham so having her move back to tamworth is just fantastic.
the boys and i have cleaned the house and cooked a cake and are now just awaiting the arrival of sarah for a playdate. woo hoo this is going to be fun.

not much has been happening as far as scrapping. i am hoping to get some pics of anthony joining scouts done but i just need to find the motivation oh and spare time to do them.
the beautiful robyn sent me some sculpey clay to play with so with the purple the talented del sent me i now have blue red and purple. i dont have a clue what to do with it but hey i will have fun playing wont i. if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment and help me lol.

there have been reports of a really big 8ft brown around again. gee i love snakes NOT. a friend was driving past our place and it was on the road and reared up to strike at her car. so this thing is not friendly at all or just stupid as she was doing about 100km/hr. i really dont want to find out and i just hope it has travelled past and gone. ray has told me where the rake is but i will be buggered if i am going to try and kill it lol. i will be the one running and screaming like a nancy girl with two kids under my arms. well have a great day everyone.


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Danielle said...

OMG @ the 8 ft brown!!
Keep an eye out for that sucker!

We have to catch up again soon, miss you xx