Monday, November 24, 2008

challenges challenges everywhere

hi all
what a busy time we are all having at allcraftz. there have been daily challenges to celebrate turning 1. if you have some time spare pop on over and have a look in the forum and gallery. even better why not become a forum member and give the challenges a go. i have popped some pics up for those who like to have a sticky beak. i have to give credit to the fabo krissy as the penguin cards, happy birthday card and 9 card are all copied from her. it was part of one of the challenges girls so i did have her blessings to do so.

i have only managed a few so far but i have until sunday midnight to get them all done. well actually i will have to have them done by thurs at the latest as we are heading away for the weekend woo hoo. i can not wait. look out beach here we come well here comes the kids you will not catch me in swimmers on a public beach lol.

the kids are all doing well at the mo which is lovely. i was fairly over the sickness in this house. ray is on call this week so it looks like i will be a single parent until friday morning. i just hope he gets some time to rest before we go away.


Krissy C said...

Love the cards Marnie!!They look better than mine!!

Krissy xx

Mylene said...

What a cute set of party cards..... Those little party celebrants are so sweet!
Came to your blog from My Inspirational Journey and very glad that I did!