Thursday, November 20, 2008

catch up

hi all
this is just a quick post to say gday and let you know what has been happening in the house of marnie.

grace is unwell and has been now for two days. the doctors at emergency thought it could be one of two things her appendix could be one option. if she is no better when she wakes up i am booking her into our gp.

anthony had a great time out scouts on tuesday and walked out of the hall with 3 badges, they were cooking, gardening and citizenship. he was so proud of himself it was fantastic and yes i got photos lol.

it is rays birthday today so i will be making a cake sometime today then again i might just go to the cake shop and buy one. he is the big 39 and thinks he is old and dying. gee it must be nice to have nothing else in the world to worry about but your wrinkles and age. lol.

the boys have been creating havoc with all the rain we have had. i hope to do some washing today and keep them away from grace. oh well til later



Sharon said...

Hey Marnie - I'm BAAACK! Happy Birthday to Ray - gee, I would love to be the big 39 again!! Hope you have a blast of a party for him. Well done to Anthony for 3 badges - what a fantastic haul for him!! Hope Grace is feeling better soon too - if it is the appendix, its better out than in (as they say). Take care, chat soon. S

Danielle said...

Happy bday to Ray.
I hope Grace is better soon, poor little darl, give her a big hug from me.
And give anthony a hug for those badges

stamp and scrape said...

I came to say thank you for your atc which I received today from Sarah's Tim Holtz stamp swap - such a beautiful image.

Hope Grace is feeling much better, and that's it's not the dreaded appendicitis.